The Way to get beauty Lips

Avoid the habit of licking her lips as it makes your lips more dry surface. When lips feel very dry and before bedtime, apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly. Perform maintenance removal of dead skin cells once every week with a lip scrub that you can make yourself at home. The trick, mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon sugar, flatten. Apply to the lips as she rubbed gently in a circular motion.


Choose a lipstick that contains moisturizers and vitamin E, which can help keep the skin of the lips from dryness, but still gives intense color, durable, and light on the lips.


Lips always be a point of concern when we interact with others. However, many underestimate the face of this one. No matter how expensive as anything worn lipstick, lip when dry and dull, it would not look beautiful. Lip skin to be treated in order to remain healthy and attractive. When dry and chapped usually occurs due to lack of water intake and vitamin in the body and humidity conditions are not maintained. Do not let this happen to you. Find out how to care for these!

1. 8 glasses of water
In addition to the skin, the lips can become dry when we are a little bit of water consumed. Lips will look rough and whitish due to inadequate intake of moisture from the body. The solution, the consumption of at least 8 glasses of water to prevent dehydration and keep lips supple. Avoid wetting the lips using saliva. As this will add to the dryness of the mouth due to an enzyme found in saliva can create irritation and increasingly dry lips.

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2. Keep nutrition with fruits and vegetables
Lack of nutrients in the body making the skin becomes dull, as well as on the lips. To avoid this, the consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, B, and E, and minerals at least 3 servings a day of Vitamin C in the berries are rich in antioxidants that are good for the skin. Vegetables and fruits are rich in minerals also make the body avoid dehydration and supple.


3. Avoid smoking and alcohol
Avoid alcohol. In addition to making the skin and lips become dry, also can cause fluid retention in the kidneys and liver. Similarly cigarettes. Nicotine contained in cigarettes can cause increased melanin pigment on the lips so that the lip color over time turned into black and darker.

4. Use a lip balm!
Leather lips 3 times thinner than facial skin, so take extra protection to stay healthy. Use lip balm to keep lips moist outside. Choose an SPF as lip protection from ultraviolet rays.


5. Scrub regularly
To keep the skin of the lips firm and regenerating, clean dead skin cells lip with a scrub after cleaning 2 times a week. In addition to stimulating the growth of new cells, also regenerate collagen growth consistently to keep skin firm and soft lips.

6. Clean specifically
Acne often be found around the lips, this is usually caused by remnants residue left around the lips cause acne. After a day of using makeup, make sure you always clean the lips in particular. Choose a cleanser lotion, or could use a face lotion cleangsing because more gentle to the skin lips. Clean regularly 2 times a day.

7. Moisturize lips with honey
When we sleep, we turn on the air conditioning during the night can make the skin becomes dry lips. In addition to drinking enough water before bed, apply lip with honey. Let stand for five minutes and remove. Honey serves as a moisturizing mask and also can repair damaged skin cells andregenerate new skin as vitamin C, B, and minerals in it.

8. Natural Spa at home
For lips are chapped, use a scrub of natural materials at home. Crushed strawberries, mixed with lime juice that is rich in antioxidants, and natural lightening. Rub gently on the lips. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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9. Use the right lipstick
You want to daub red lipstick is currently popular. Yet obtained is broken and lips become dry. Typically, this is a little lip moisturizing, apply lip balm to it first. Avoid using long-lasting lipstick or type of waterproof too often. The special formula that is in this kind of lipstick tends to dehydrate and dry lips. better, limit the use of week 2 times or use only on special occasions.


10. Avoid allergy cosmetics
Lipstick that does not comply with the conditions of the lip can make the skin in this area becomes black. The cause is the reaction of the immune system protects the body and change the color of the lips because of allergies. "Avoid this by applying lipstick on the skin behind the ear, wait 24 hours. If you feel itchy and sore, it was a sign of your skin and lips do not match the lipstick is used.italic text 'Said dr. Deby Vinski AAMS.


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